Magisterial Decree 01/2006

To all Dames and Knights, Brethren of Our Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem Knights of Malta Federation of Autonomous Priories,

let it be known by the present letters that

We, in Our capacity as Regent of the Federation of Autonomous Priories Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem also said of the Knights of Malta, in virtue of the constitutional powers bestowed upon Us, and considering that with the appointment of the Lieutenant General to assume the Regency of the Federation, the Lieutenancy General become Vacant;

considering that in accordance to the Constitutional Letter and Magisterial Decrees, the government of Our Sovereign Order and of the State has to be ensured in case of impediment, temporary or permanent incapacity, or death of the Regent;

considering the most relevant services rendered to the Federation over several years, his skills, knowledge and competence as leader of various international institutions, also having in mind his personal commitment in bringing new knights to Our Sovereign Order and the unquestionable fidelity to the principles of knighthood and to this Magisterial House, in accordance to the Constitutional Letter, We come to decree and We do decree that

ARTICLE 1. His Excellency Count GEORGE POPPER, GCKM is nominated


ARTICLE 2. The Lieutenant General will have all prerogatives and rights of the Regent when acting on Our behalf, upon Our written request.

ARTICLE 3. If Our earthly life were to end during the tenure of this responsibility, or if We experience a permanent or temporary impediment of any kind, the Lieutenant General will automatically, by that occurrence, assume the Regency of the Federation, and if the impediment is considered as a not temporary one, he shall then act in accordance to the Magisterial Decree given on the 22nd of October 2005.

ARTICLE 4. On this occasion, as a confirmation and a public recognition of his new Rank and Position, we grant to Count Sir GEORGE POPPER, as

Lieutenant General the GRAND COLLAR of the Sovereign Order of Cyprus
also said the Order of Sword and Silence

with all the due rights and privileges, in virtue of fact that this Order is a Federated member, that historically is part of Our Federation, and also that this is the traditional insignia of the holder of the Lieutenancy General.

ARTICLE 5. The present Magisterial Decree is effective from this day on. This decree, was given in two pages, at the Grand Magisterial House on this 20th day of the month of February of the year of our Lord 2006 and to it We affix our Hand and Seals in use at this House.

The Regent

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